WWDC Coolness Is Back In Fashion

June 12, 2013

Though I can't comment on anything outside of the keynote, I can say one thing for sure, this WWDC has a lot of meat on its bones.

Having not been here for 20 years I can't comment on the prior few but just getting the vibe from the other developers I think people are genuinely excited about what was announced and I think it will spur a lot of new and cool products.

The Borg Trashcan

Yes it does bear an odd resemblance to a futuristic receptacle, but having seen one up close it certainly intends to assimilate everyone who comes near it. You just want one; resistance is futile. Today we saw a demo that left no doubt as to what the new MacPro performance is like, there is nothing like it, period. No clue what it will cost, but saving my pennies has begun.

iOS 7 Coolness

The new UI that everyone has by now seen is pretty and clean. Sure you've seen part of this before but never as a unified whole. Beyond the keynote I can see a whole truckload of new and amazing stuff under the hood that seems to make people here download it and start coding during the sessions. It's pretty crazy. At work we have begun to completely revise what we intend to do with our complete redesign. At home I will be writing something as soon as I get home. The new SDK features are beyond just a pretty face. Too bad we can't say anything more.


Now I see why the changes have been so minimal for so long. They spent a long time making this sucker so much better to work with.


No one I talked with likes the name, it's also clearly more evolutionary that radical like iOS7. But they seem to have considered a lot of features in tandem while still keeping each one distinct. If I do decide to write another game I will look to having it be on both platforms from the start. Why, I can't tell you, but why not.


I worked at Apple when it sucked and everyone said so. Today Apple is the biggest company on the planet and it's clear they still have plenty in the tank and can invent, build, design and update a staggering amount of stuff at the same time. It's clear they could have spent about 8 hours on the keynote but you can only talk about so much at once. I am sure the stuff they didn't even mention is much greater than even this who week's worth. It also clear people still love to bash Apple but I could care less today. What I am seeing is making me enthusiastic all over again. Even after 34 years of owning and coding on Apple computers (even through the period where it was just a little at home) it's still stuff that gets me excited.

On seeing the Mac Pro up close I was reminded of a quote from the movie Wolverine "Ooh, Shiny". Call me assimilated, but it's fine by me.