What a Sad Web World We Live In

March 18, 2007

Here it is 2007, and still major players can't manage to support multiple browsers or create even marginally valid markup.

I tried to find something with yellowpages.com with Safari only to be told:

YELLOWPAGES.COM's default maps require your browser to be javascript-enabled.

If you are seeing this page, your browser has been identified as not javascript-enabled, or otherwise might have trouble viewing YPC's standard maps.

Lovely. I looked at the page and got disgusted by all the crap I found. First they use what appears to be Microsoft's Atlas and added a long Mozilla compatibility javascript library (which explains partially why it doesn't work on Safari). Plus I found that they included their unit testing javascript on every page. Not to mention the massive validation errors.

Maybe it would have been more honest to say: We don't care for Safari users, so get lost. That's about 15 million people. More than use Vista at the moment.

I still can't find in that morass where it decided I was unworthy. Who's to blame for this crap? I would love the opportunity to help them fix it.

Their mozilla javascript has comments like:

TODO - Needs thorough testing (especially timing related tests)

I wonder if they did any? When I tried Firefox it took almost 30 seconds for the map to show up.

Apparently they didn't read my post Steve Jobs Doesn't Put up Crap and Neither Should You.