Waiting For Bubba

May 24, 2009

I hate to keep harping on the App Store, but it's such an amusing pastime.

My latest game, Quantum Pool, was submitted on May 13. Last week on May 19 and 20 it was tested at Apple on the 3.0 beta on three devices for about 10 minutes. That's it. No testing on the existing platform (2.2.1) yet. This seems to indicate that there are multiple people involved in the process.

Funny, I'd always thought only one person worked at the App Store Review team, some guy named Bubba who does reviews in his spare time and sometimes pushes a few random approval/disapproval buttons in order to go home early. I had also thought he might have a mean streak, where he denies apps for random reasons just to remind people who is the boss.

After all He Is The Bubba, He Has The Power.

Sometimes a huge firestorm erupts and his power is momentarily vanquished (NiN/Eucalyptus) but generally he's in charge.

Since Apple doesn't reveal the inner workings of this mysterious group, it leaves one to speculate and create elaborate fantasies of what goes on behind those closed doors.

Ok, so maybe I am wrong and there is no Bubba.

I guess I will have to wait some more. Maybe I will be visited by Godot in the meantime.

Update: Bubba awakens! Quantum Pool has been approved. Funny thing they never tested it on iPhone 2.x and didn't touch it again after May 20th (at least that was visible). Oh well, never got to talk with Godot.