Today My Job Became Toast

August 22, 2013

As I never mention my employer in posts I won't today either but you can figure it out if you care.

My employer basically outsourced its entire technology stack to its second largest competitor and over the coming months all technology employees (for the most part, it's not all clear yet) will be gone, including me.

I like the people I work with and the work has been very good. I've worked on all the company's iOS apps and we were building a slick new iOS 7 app. Now I have no clue what will happen. Our mobile group has grown crazily since I have been there and despite many internal challenges we still manage to build products that make money (we sell stuff, the apps are free).

How this will end is still a mystery but at least I have some time to find something else interesting to do. Being an experienced iOS developer is still a decent niche to be in, even if the area here is not a big programmer market. I might even consider moving to a better area once I deal with my house. My background is very diverse so I could do a lot of things but mobile development is still a ton of fun. Objective-C is my favorite language but I could do C++ or Java again if I had to.

This is still a bizarre deal but what do I know about big company dealmaking? After my two startups in the mid-80-90's I wrote off managing anything and marketing nothing outside of myself.

I hope our iOS7 app still makes an appearance, it would make a fine resume enhancer.