Thinking Of Releasing Source Of My Latest Game on iOS

November 16, 2011

I'm thinking of releasing the source code of my latest iOS game, Codewords 2 HD.

I'd probably just include one actual puzzle and disable the Flurry and in-app purchase code. The code is pretty straight forward and it only took me 9 days to write. Maybe it will be helpful to beginning iOS programmers.

The code requires iOS 5 since it uses both ARC and a Storyboard. So far it's been crash free. Of course it's not a huge seller since I did zero PR; it was written as a quick example of what I can do in iOS so getting a contract might be easier. My other 3 iPhone apps were pretty old. The most popular (not a big deal though) Quantum Pool has also never crashed that Flurry has measured anyway.

The puzzles were created using an OSX app which I didn't release.

Would there suddenly be a flood of clones? I doubt it as it's just not that big of a market. You could of course create your own puzzles, the file format is not complicated. Codeword puzzles are popular mostly in the UK and appear in many newspapers there.

Not sure what license to release it under yet.

I am working on a more interesting and original game idea in between fighting with hordes of recruiters. So far no actual contract or job as the process is slow and irritating.