The SOPA Ropa Dopa

November 16, 2011

Visit SendWrite to send a free snail mail letter to your local congress critter to "encourage" them to either not support this idiot Stop Online Piracy Act bill or at least demand that the committee holding hearings allow a balanced set of speakers to speak about it. Currently the committee is scheduling 5 speakers from the giant media lobbies and only 1 against speaker; clearly they want to want the bill to move forward.

Sometimes you hear people talk about potential legislation in the US system as horrible and it has little chance of passing; this time the bill has momentum and it's a terrible disaster of a bill. Basically anyone can demand for any reason at all that a domain be blocked at the DNS level in the US, regardless of where the servers are or the nature of the infringing content; all without any judicial oversight. It strips the concept of safe harbor from the DMCA and the history of what makes a common carrier not responsible for the content it carries.

Sure, bright people can use the IP address to get to the website but how do you run a business on the internet that way? How can any internet business exist if anyone anytime can bring down the domain at a moment's notice? Or even if you are on a shared domain and the primary is taken down for some other subdomain's content.

Getting your domain back would probably take forever as it would be up to you to prove innocence even if you had no control over the content.

It would be really funny to have go down because it linked to a youtube video.

I can't imagine how anyone in their right mind would find this a good idea (but then again most politicians haven't a clue about a series of tubes works). A few have condemned the bill but so far not enough.

Hopefully the technology industry's money can out lobby the media company money. Politics in the US is always pushed one way or another by money and even bills that seem a lock often go awry.

Here's to reason in Congress!