Seeing What Life In An App Store Top 10 Is Like

February 17, 2012

My current post is at Travelocity working on the iPad app, and yesterday Apple featured it in new and noteworthy; 7000+ downloads followed and we hit #3 on free iPad Travel today. We finished 1.0 a couple weeks ago and so far the ratings are quite nice.

Travelocity For iPad

Fun to finally have worked on something people might actually recognize and see it show up in a real top 10 list on the App Store. All my personal work is of course buried in the twilight zone.

The Gnome will be promoting the app all over the place starting soon which is also quite cool; the last thing non-web app I worked on that got any promotion was Deltagraph in the early nineties.

Lots of new stuff to do in the near future on the app.