Popularity Poll Of Web Page Technologies

December 12, 2006

After my articles on PHP I was curious as to the relative popularity of the various common technogies used in building web pages. I made a completely unscientific poll (by using Google's inurl: function) and come up with the following.

This list clearly includes not only urls that end in these filetypes but also any articles or other discussions with those letters in the url.

Another problem with this poll is that urls can be rewritten (i.e. a jsp site might appear as .html or .do) or even use no filetype at all (as in my blog).

Accurate or not, it's still interesting. The number of pages using PHP suprised me, but given the passion of the PHP developer's response to my article, it's not surprising.

html  static page 4,130,000,000
htm   static page 1,500,000,000
php   php         1,040,000,000
asp   asp           941,000,000
cfm   cold fusion   388,000,000
aspx  .net          387,000,000
cgi   various       269,000,000
jsp   java          260,000,000
pl    perl              371,000
shtml various           112,000