- New Ajax Powered PHP Documentation Site (Written By Me)

October 06, 2008

I wrote this little app for my own needs initially, as PHP is such a big monster that it was hard to find the right documentation, or discover which of the N similar packages I should use.

When I moved servers I fixed up the app enough and decided to release it to the world. It's pretty handy as is, but there are still several things I need to add, particularly paging through the documentation, and supporting bookmarks (which involves the back button support as well). Althought the current app keeps a list of the recent pages you've visited, I need to store this in local storage (either a cookie or one of the various client side storage mechanisms).

It handles two kind of searches, one through an index of the titles of all the pages in the documentation, and one through all of the hierarchical names of the documentation (things like features.file-upload.multiple). The latter will (soon) be available just for browsing. I've added several levels of heirarchy (mainly for functions) to make this easier.

The whole point is to find documentation easier. Fortunately the documention is (reasonably) well organized and the license allows this. I wish I could do the same thing to the MySQL docs, but the license is seriously unfriendly. I might build a similar site for javascript if I find a decent source document set.

So here it is, alpha and all. Send it to your friends (or enemies) who use PHP.

I expect some updates this week and next.

And yes, I do appreciate the irony after how I ravaged PHP a couple years ago. Old dog, new tricks, you get the point.