OSX and Vista

June 05, 2007

According to Net Applications, who survey websites and track trends, OSX is used 6.46% and Vista is used 3.74%.

Of course any such measurements have errors but at least they do cover some 40,000 sites, so it's unlikely to be way off.

It goes to show you that despite all the Microsoft hype on Vista and their desire to kill off XP, XP's not going anywhere soon at 82%. Even the comparably ancient 2000 still has 4.3%. No one I know working at any fairly large company has switched to Vista yet. It will happen someday as hardware changes out but probably not at any pace Microsoft would want.

For this site I get:

  • Windows XP - 64.4%
  • Linux - 13.96%
  • Mac - 11.40%
  • Windows Vista - 4.7%
  • Windows 2000 - 4.6%

Which clearly reflects the programmer audience.

Firefox remains the top dog for readers here:

  • Firefox - 76%
  • IE 6 - 7%
  • IE 7 - 5.5%
  • Opera - 4%
  • Safari - 3.7%

The numbers for Opera were unexpected. Firefox has actually gained a bit of share here since I started last year.

BTW this blog is developed and written on OSX and served up from a shared Linux server.