New Design And New Blog Generator

July 15, 2017

I had a little time and decided to replace the previous blog engine (written in PHP and using MySQL) which was getting long in the tooth, not to mention it really makes little sense to dynamically generate a static blog site.

So I whipped up a little blog generator in Swift and extracted and converted all the previous content from the database into a new text format.

Works like a charm. Please let me know if you see any odd anomalies.

I also added an even simpler design.

I am serving the content with Caddy. Once I straighten out a couple of system issues I will also be turning on Caddy’s nice auto Lets-Encrypt support and serve via HTTPS.

This is about the 5th or 6th blog “engine” I’ve written in the 11 years of this blog. Gave me an opportunity to try out some Swift things I normally don’t get to do in my day job.

Maybe I will find more time to write again, although my work situation is still way too much.

This week 16 months of constant labor is finally being turned on, the app is already out, but this massive feature will go live this week. Yet the dev train isn’t slowing down at all, in fact it’s speeding up.

But that’s another post.