New blog software

December 02, 2006

Patience while I tune up my new blog software, it's my own creation and this is the first trial of it live.

For those who care its java, running on jetty, uses ajax and supports multiple blogs. Still a work in progress, though so let me know what goes kaboom.

I hope to import old messages as soon as I write something to import them.

I'm hoping the blog comment spam engines can't auto figure out what to do. This was a real problem with both pebble and blojsom. Even if they figure it out, since this is my code I can easily figure out a way to block them.

The next step is support technorati, posting to reddit and digg, etc. I never could get blojsom to work with technorati even with the suggestions. BLojsom's interface was so clunky I stopped posting to my blog since it was so irritating to work with. This code is a work in progress but at least it does what I want.