Mountain Lion Mail - Kind of a Drag

August 07, 2012

I upgraded to OSX 10.8 recently and discovered a tiny change in Mail that's driving me nuts.

Funny how a little change someone probably made without any actual thought can make your life less fun. I get a lot of email every day, not spam but stuff I really don't care to read: recruiters, political emails, companies I once did business with, all sorts of random stuff. So I tend to delete a lot of it.

Formerly if you clicked and dragged just right, you could select a whole range of emails without actually opening any, and without triggering the drag option (a little envelope). Then hit the delete key and it's all gone without triggering any tracking pixels.

Not any more, it seems no matter what you do all you get a drag of a single email, or multiple ones if you hold the shift key.

Hello, Apple Mail Product Manager? A little help? Why remove a perfectly good feature for those of us who get tons of useless email every day. Now I have to select an email, use the shift key and then click on another email to select a range. Sure it seems like a little thing, but sometimes in a user experience design the little things make a difference.

It would make a nice simple preference item. Given that I rarely move an email anywhere but I delete emails by the truckload, I would like to have Mail do what I want. If I wanted my computer to teach me what it wants me to do instead of having it adapt to my needs I'd use a PC.

Come to think of it, with Sparrow gone and Thunderbird dead there are no longer any real options for a better mail client on OSX. Sad.