Man That's A Lotta Ram

March 06, 2009

One can now buy 16GB (and soon 32GB) of RAM for the new Mac Pro's. I usually buy RAM from Ramjet where the 16GB is only $329.

My first Apple ][+ had like 4K and I still remember upgrading IBM PC's with 16K of the little memory chips with legs.

My first hard drive (an Apple Profile) was 5MB and I had an early model IBM PC XT when I was at General Dynamics that had a whopping 10MB hard drive.

The specs on today's computers are amazing today compared to the early 80's when I started.

I still wonder if we will ever hit a place where the uses are finally outweighed by the hardware. I haven't hit that place yet but then again my lead computer is still a dual G5 and I mostly develop on a wimpy 1st gen MacBookPro.