Loading The Whole Internet In One Web Page

June 06, 2008

Texas Rangers

I visit this page on occasion and always wondered why it took so long on my high speed connection to load.

Now I know why.

1.5MB of content. In one page!

220 separate connections.

Many of every kind of file, javascript, flash, gif, jpg, html.

260K of HTML, 52K of CSS, 800K Images, 300K Javascript and 110K Flash.

Total time was completely random, generally 15-20 seconds or so. On firefox I got two javascript errors along the way (so it wouldn't load completely). Safari at least gamely went on.

Who writes this crap? You'd think Major League Baseball could afford better web development (or management, which is more likely the culprit).

Sometimes I think fondly of the first web page and its humble content.