Into Every Life Some D'oh Must Fall Occasionally

April 12, 2016

In the past week 120,000 people read my post My Biggest Regret As A Programmer and the past couple of days another 50,000 read How I’ve Avoided Burnout During More Than 3 Decades As A Programmer.

Then my domain expired!

Stupid me thought that back when I switched registrars I had turned on auto-renew. Nope, dope.

Thankfully I caught it immediately but they had already switched the DNS to point to a landing page and switched again when I paid up and DNS all over the planet got mighty confused. Most people did not notice although my home DNS (Google's) didn't show my server until the next morning. I checked with and it mostly showed the correct server appearing for others.

So the next time 170,000 people come visit you make sure you put out the welcome mat and keep your domain up to date!

Just call me Homer Simpson aka The Codist.