Impressive CMS I found

March 22, 2007

I ran across this really pleasant looking content management system: Expression Engine while looking at some sample css based sites.

The feature list is long, the output is really modern, and all of the example sites look really good as well, which would indicate the template system is very expressive.

It is written in PHP and uses the ubiquitous MySQL - not my favorite combination but this one is done so well I am tempted to recommend it for customers anyway.

It is not free but at $249 for the professional version it's not expensive at all.

I've looked at about a dozen different CMS's recently for a customer, and have a lot of experience with Documentum (more of a document management system with some CMS options), and none have really impressed me as much as this one.

Once I get to play around with it more I might like it less, but so far it's pretty appealing.