Blog Redesign

March 08, 2011

Finally got some time to redesign this blog, still some things not complete but I thought it best to put it out.

I do plan to post more again.

The past couple of months saw enormous manual spam overrunning my ability to control it so I turned off comments for now. "Manspam" comes from people who are paid a pittance to add useless comments to sites in order to supposedly influence Google rankings. I guess it's a sign my site has some kind of juice but give me a break; I made sure nothing they posted really helped them at all. Maybe they will go away now.

Look for changes as I finish things. The site is coded in HTML5 with absolutely no interest in supporting or testing old Internet Explorer versions.

Old images are missing, as is the full article list, but should show up soon. The reader counter is missing in action as well as the RSS writer.