Anatomy of a SPAM Blogger

June 26, 2007

After seeing my last article appear in another blog verbatim with no attribution, I started looking for this guy's "name" and found it all over.

Try this search in google: "Marché Boursier"

Also interesting is that "Marché Boursier" in french means "stock market". Maybe this guy started out spamming stocks or something.

All of these sites seem well done, loaded with ads, and clearly have been in business for a while.

How do we stop this kind of crap? Google isn't making it easy since their DMCA procedure involves snail mail, and there are no contacts on any of the "blogs".

The sites I've found so far with this name as a poster are:

I'm going to see if there is anything I can do to stop these from getting on reddit and digg at least.