Ah The Joys Of Cool Technology

July 02, 2007

Today I decided to do something about integrating my G5 tower and my macbookpro and sharing a keyboard and mouse. Instead of buying one of the many millions of KVM switches I decided to try the open source synergy.

This little gem allows you to share a virtual screen (and thus mouse and keyboard) across multiple computers (and OSs) and their screens.

With the aid of a Mac pref pane and installer for it, I now can work with both computers at the same time!

OK it's not rocket science but it works well and costs nothing. It even works within Parallels (on the client Mac) so I am able to work in Windows on my macbookpro from my keyboard and mouse on the G5 and still see both screens. It also combines the scrap so you can copy and paste from one computer to the other.