60 Percent of Codist Readers Use Firefox

December 02, 2006

Looking at my stats for today, it's interesting to see that Firefox users are about 60% of the readers of this blog, 18% use Internet Explorer, and 10% use Safari. Of course everyone that reads this blog is a programmer, and most code in Java, so all it proves is that programmers are wary of using IE. Two jobs ago almost the entire developer group used Firefox, and almost 100% of the rest of the company used IE6.

Fortunately the rest of the world is slowly moving away from IE, even with 7.0 I expect it will not have the clout it has had in the past. That two jobs ago company still only officially supported IE6 at the time I left (May 2006). Maybe it will change finally.

I used both Safari and Firefox 2.0 on my Mac, and have a copy of Parallels running to look at my work in IE. When I do have to work with IE6, it's not a pleasant experience at all. IE7 is better but not really all there yet.

I wonder what the stats on Reddit and Digg are...