5 Years of iPhone

June 30, 2012

Amazing to think the first iPhone came out today 5 years ago.

A lot of people thought it would never compete.

I thought the interface was revolutionary and later said it's not a phone, but a platform.

It even provides me with a nice job writing for both it and its younger sibling, the iPad.

Not bad for a 5 year old.

The funniest thing about the iPhone is that every single major phone manufacturer from 2007 has either gone bust, been bought out or is on the verge of death. Apple has sold 250,000,000 of them.

All because one guy decided cell phones sucked and had the people and wherewithal to change that. Even Steve didn't realize that besides all the amazing things it did as a phone, the whole idea of an App Store for digital devices might have been the greatest accidental idea of all time, if indeed it was an accident.

Remembering my 5 months working at Apple during the Spindler-Amelio era as the bottom point of the Apple story I sure hope my leaving wasn't the real turnaround. It's hard to imagine that a company once worth less than its cash is now worth nearly 600 billion dollars, much of that from all those iPhones.

Revolutions can be fun sometimes, unless you are among the revolted ones. Motorola, Nokia, RIM and others are not celebrating much today. Maybe they can ask Siri for some place nearby that serves a nice Pint.