A Thank You From Robert Fulghum

I received this kind email from Robert Fulghum on my post "All I Need To Know To Be A Better Programmer I Learned In Kindergarten". He is the author of the original and famous "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten". What an amazing guy!


I write to thank you for your adoption of the Kindergarten Credo to the the task of being a better programmer. I’m very impressed at what you’ve written. As you might imagine, many cute and clever variations have been cobbled up over the years - What I Learned From My Cat, Dog, Brother, Mother-in-Law, etc. I take these as compliments, of course, but most miss the serious aspect of what are, in fact, elemental attitudes about the social contract.

While not a writer of code, I admire the intelligence and perseverance the task entails, and I’m a grateful beneficiary of the results. As a teacher at Lakeside School once-upon-a-time I was a witness to the early stages of the code-writing process, as I watched students Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Kent Evans wrestle with learning how to apply the skill to shaping the school’s schedule. It seems like such a short time ago . . .

I have a website you might like to look at: www.robertfulghum.com.

Warmest Regards,

Robert Fulghum