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94% Of Projects Fail, Or Maybe 59% 10/27/2013
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My First Programming Job in 1981, and How It Shaped My Career 03/03/2013
Programmers Should Not Test Their Own Code 02/05/2013
Ever Take a Minute And Realize How Freaking Amazing Programming Is? 01/05/2013
Copy and Pasting Code Should Be Illegal 12/03/2012
Quality is Not Job 0xff: There is No Good Enough 11/20/2012
What Programmers Want Is Less Stupid And More Programming 11/02/2012
Yes I Still Want To Be Doing This at 56 10/04/2012
How a Fox, a Chicken, a Teacher and a Lame VP Made Me A Programmer 09/11/2012
Coding Under the Watchful Eye of a Lawyer is Not My Cup Of Tea 08/23/2012
Bad Software, Worse Solutions: Programming Will Always Be Hard 08/08/2012
Of agile Goats and Agile Hippos 05/15/2012
Too Much Specialization Is Making Programming a Poorer Experience 04/02/2012
Fixing a Nasty Physically Modeled Engine Bug in an FPS Game 12/12/2011
There Are No Absolutes in Programming 12/04/2011
The Act of Programming Has Not Changed In Decades 11/26/2011
In the Real World Memorization is Overrated 11/08/2011
Donald Knuth Rocks 11/07/2011
10% Coding and 90% Thinking or Just Code It 10 Times 11/05/2011
There is No Silver Bullet In Software Development 11/02/2011
Objects in the Job Description May Be Fuzzier Than They Appear 10/29/2011
Quality Should Be Job Zero, Not Zero Quality 10/27/2011
If You Interviewing Programmers Like This, You Are Doing It Wrong 10/25/2011
Don't Tell Me Someone Failed Web Programming 101 Again 10/18/2011
Finding A Bug in Google Search 09/24/2011
QA! QA? We don't need no stinking QA! 09/22/2011
Xcode 4.X still has a sucky debugger(s) 07/31/2011
What's My Motivation? 06/15/2011
The Application Updatability Curve 06/12/2011
Multi Threaded Problem With People As Computer 08/30/2010
Come On, Hire a Professional 07/27/2010
I Am a Programmer 07/07/2010
Why Do You Love Programming? 07/12/2009
The Future Of Programming Is 05/07/2009
What Do You Tell People You Are And What You Do 03/09/2009
The Tools I Use 12/01/2008
I Am A Better Programmer Than You 11/20/2008
OpenCL Coming Soon To A Supercomputer Near You 11/19/2008
Too Many Technologies; Not Enough Brains 11/10/2008
No Silver Bullet Reloaded - Summary From OOPSLA 2007 10/22/2008
Agile, Post-Agile, Scrum, XP, Heavyweight, Waterfall, SDLC, Oh My! 10/14/2008
There Is Still No Silver Bullet In Programming 10/13/2008
Turbo Productivity In Programming Is The Only Thing 10/05/2008
Developing With Just-In-Time Information 08/21/2008
Professor Dewar Is A Very Smart Smart Smart ... Moron 07/28/2008
Writing Multithreaded Code Is Like Juggling Chainsaws 02/04/2008
Index Mining, A New Search Approach and Interface For Certain Document Collections 07/26/2007
The Open Source Frameworks I Use 07/22/2007
The Code Less Traveled: Thinking Different In A Uniform World 07/18/2007
Here's a Book I Might Even Buy: Programming Erlang 07/17/2007
It's Time For The Dinosaurs Of Development To Go Extinct 07/12/2007
HeapManager - My Old C Memory Allocator 07/01/2007
The Mythical Man-Month - 32 Years Old And Still Relevant 07/01/2007
What the Heck Could You Do With 16 Exabytes? 06/25/2007
Open Source IS Innovative 06/21/2007
Software is Evolutionary and Revolutionary 06/18/2007
Ack! Bugz! 06/14/2007
A Trip Down Memory Management Lane 06/11/2007
Scala: An Interesting Language 06/07/2007
Take This Career And Shove It 05/20/2007
Why Customer Needs and IT Requirements Don't Always Intersect 05/15/2007
We Are All Open Source Billionaires 04/24/2007
Coprolitic Programming 04/22/2007
So You Want To Become A Programmer? 04/16/2007
All I Need To Know To Be A Better Programmer I Learned In Kindergarten 04/04/2007
Your Brain On Code:What Makes You Able To Program 04/02/2007
Project Success, Project Failure, How Do You Tell the Difference? 03/17/2007
If Being A Programmer Were Like Being An Air Traffic Controller 03/12/2007
In Praise Of Simplicity In Our Programming Lives 03/06/2007
Not Quite Your Grandma's MVC Pattern 02/27/2007
Programming Great Programmers 02/26/2007
Good Programmers Do Like to Code; It's All the Other Crap They Don't Like 02/25/2007
Anatomy Of A Successful Project #1, Fuzzy Vehicle Search Engine 02/18/2007
The Absolute Need To Understand 02/05/2007
A Very Cool Language: Clean 01/30/2007
The Evolution Of A Programmer 01/25/2007
A Programming Language List 01/24/2007
The Joy Of Programming 01/21/2007
Steve Jobs Doesn't Put up Crap and Neither Should You 01/10/2007
Programming Today Is Too Hard: Shouldn't It Be Getting Easier? 12/16/2006
The SDLC Software Development Process: A Waterfall Pig With Lipstick 12/15/2006
The Future Of Computing Is Dynamic Interpreted Languages Running On A VM, Part 1 12/13/2006
The Freedom To Innovate; The Freedom To Be Stupid 12/02/2006
Multi Threading in Half-Life 2 12/02/2006
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay: An Interview With Jetty's Greg Wilkins 12/02/2006