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Programming Without A Net 05/18/2015
Requirements Is A Word That Needs To Go Away 05/11/2015
Never Be A Programmer In A Suit 04/30/2015
What Makes a Programmer Good? 04/04/2015
Wanted: Dead Or Alive Programmer 03/19/2015
Picking Server Side Architectures Today Is Overwhelming 03/15/2015
Really Complex Travel Software Doesn't Exist For A Reason 03/14/2015
My Language Is Better Than Your Language 03/03/2015
What You Don't Know Will Hurt You 01/31/2015
Quality Requires QA 01/19/2015
The Big Bang And Other Stupidities 12/02/2014
Thankful To Be A Programmer 11/26/2014
The Story Of DeltaGraph 11/23/2014
Moved To New Server 11/20/2014
What Time Is Tomorrow? Tales From The Time Zone 10/29/2014
Everything Can't Be A Revolution 10/18/2014
Macworld Show, I Remember It Well 10/14/2014
I Am A Barbarian, Imprecisely 10/03/2014
Verizon's iPhone 6 Activation Is A Complete Joke 09/19/2014
Tales From The Dark Side 09/17/2014
Lessons From A Lifetime Of Being A Programmer 09/06/2014
The Art Of The Phone Screen 08/21/2014
The Fine Art Of Solving Strange Bugs 08/14/2014
The Problem With and Ratings In General 07/30/2014
I'm Sick Of GOF Design Patterns 07/29/2014
Tilting At Windmills: Adventures In The US Healthcare System 07/28/2014
The Lesson My Dad Taught Me That Directly Influenced My Success As A Programmer 07/24/2014
Everything Is Insecure 07/21/2014
The Pain and Gain of Being Laid Off 07/17/2014
Monitor Or Fail 07/14/2014
To Swift Or Not To Swift, Yet 07/09/2014
Frameworks and Frankenstein 07/07/2014
Where Will The Next Generation Of Programmers Come From? 07/06/2014
Programming Is a Dead End Job 05/03/2014
What Writing - And Selling - Software Was Like In The 80's 04/27/2014
The Education of a Programmer 04/13/2014
Resurrecting The Dead 03/30/2014
Why Do I Blog? 03/16/2014
The Broken Camel 03/15/2014
Security Is Job 12 03/13/2014
How Much Is That Seat By The Window; How Flight Reservations Work #2 02/27/2014
Our iOS App Crash Rate 02/05/2014
Your Progress As A Programmer Is All Up To You 02/03/2014
How I Wound Up As An Early Mac Pioneer And Built Something Crazy 01/24/2014
Seven Years Ago Today Everything Changed. Again. 01/09/2014
My ISP Runs On Smoke Signals 01/02/2014
There Is No Evidence the NSA Can Hack iPhones Today 12/31/2013
Living In a Large Heterogeneous Travel Network 12/28/2013
The Future Is Hard To See 12/26/2013
Good Idea, Wrong Time 12/07/2013
iOS SpriteKit Physics is Box2d 12/01/2013
How Does Facebook Know What's In My Amazon Shopping Cart? 11/27/2013
Failure Is The Engine That Drives The Future 11/26/2013
You're Doing It Wrong! 11/24/2013
94% Of Projects Fail, Or Maybe 59% 10/27/2013
Your Smartphone Is Always Talking To People 10/20/2013
Engineering Truth: How the Internet Pumps Up The Lies 10/19/2013
What Is Software Quality? 10/06/2013
My First Experience 10/03/2013
Today My Job Became Toast 08/22/2013
Giving Feedburner The Finger 08/19/2013
We've Always Been At War With Eastasia 08/19/2013
40 Years Ago This Month I Wrote My First Line Of Code 08/11/2013
Is It Time To Abandon HTTP? 08/03/2013
Things in IT You Never Want To Hear I've Actually Heard 07/29/2013
How I Did Agile Long Before It Was A Thing 07/20/2013
Too Many Projects, Not Enough Brains 07/07/2013
Lessons in Leadership From the Battle of Gettysburg 07/01/2013
Why Doesn't Apple License StackOverflow's Forum Software? 06/24/2013
WWDC Coolness Is Back In Fashion 06/11/2013
The US Government Is Spying On You - But Are They Any Good At It? 06/06/2013
Interview Programmers Like Your Pants Were On Fire 06/04/2013
Hacker Monthly Published One of My Posts 06/02/2013
The Programming Steamroller Waits For No One 06/01/2013
As Long As I Live, I Will Never Buy Another Product From AVID 06/01/2013
Actually Going To WWDC This Year But the First One Was Special 05/21/2013
Bug Story - The Lost Cars of Branson 05/08/2013
WWDC Signup Was A Big Fail 04/25/2013
The Programmer Skill People Rarely Ask About In Interviews 04/23/2013
Crazy Will Always Be With Us 04/19/2013
I've Won A Free iPhone 6! Or Not 04/15/2013
What the Hell Is Really Agile? 04/09/2013
Fixing Customer Service Costs Money, But Not As Much As Angry Customers 04/03/2013
How I Helped Convince Steve Jobs To Return To Apple 03/31/2013
How Flight Reservations Work - Part 1 03/23/2013
My Job As A Programmer Is To Make Testers Miserable 03/21/2013
When Did I Do Something Hard? 03/16/2013
The SimCity Debacle From a Different Direction 03/10/2013
Why Do I Use A Mac? 03/05/2013
My First Programming Job in 1981, and How It Shaped My Career 03/03/2013
AT&T Cell Network Kills Long Running Queries At 45 Seconds 02/16/2013
I Fear Our Mobile Group Being Forced To Follow Scrum 02/16/2013
Things On Your Website I Hate 02/09/2013
Programmers Should Not Test Their Own Code 02/05/2013
If Your Website Or Search Isn't As Fast As Google, It's Too Slow 01/20/2013
Finally, Someone Tries To Make Recruiting Better 01/16/2013
Life is Too Short to Work For Stupid People 01/09/2013
Ever Take a Minute And Realize How Freaking Amazing Programming Is? 01/05/2013
How Hotel Reservations Work 12/25/2012
Take One Line in the Constitution and Add Lawyers To Make A Mess 12/13/2012
Copy and Pasting Code Should Be Illegal 12/03/2012
Quality is Not Job 0xff: There is No Good Enough 11/20/2012
What Programmers Want Is Less Stupid And More Programming 11/02/2012
Email Software, The One Thing No One Works On, and Everyone Hates 10/27/2012
The Venture Capitalists, They Must Be Crazy 10/17/2012
The Week 100,000 Visitors Read My Blog 10/11/2012
Yes I Still Want To Be Doing This at 56 10/04/2012
How Much Difference Can Capitalization Make? 10/02/2012
How To Succeed At a Job Interview Without Really Trying 09/26/2012
I'm Sorry But The Revolution In Smartphones Is Long Over 09/12/2012
How a Fox, a Chicken, a Teacher and a Lame VP Made Me A Programmer 09/11/2012
Given Enough Data, Could You Build an Internet Lie Detector? 09/03/2012
Why Can't Someone Do An Airline Startup Like Apple? 08/29/2012
Isn't About Time To Kill the Patent System Altogether? 08/25/2012
Coding Under the Watchful Eye of a Lawyer is Not My Cup Of Tea 08/23/2012
OSX Messages Is So Secure It Won't Log Me In 08/20/2012
Bad Software, Worse Solutions: Programming Will Always Be Hard 08/08/2012
Mountain Lion Mail - Kind of a Drag 08/06/2012
Sometimes Programming Is Like Building Your Car While Driving Down the Road 07/22/2012
5 Years of iPhone 06/29/2012
Why Are Technology Companies Sometimes Lead By Stupid People 06/08/2012
Cmon Apple, Identifying an HDCP Display Is Not Too Much To Ask in iTunes 06/05/2012
The EU/UK Cookie Law is One Big Fail 05/27/2012
Of agile Goats and Agile Hippos 05/15/2012
Interviews Can Be a Terrible Way to Identify Good Programmers 05/01/2012
Your Customers Don't Care About What's Wrong With Your Technology 04/18/2012
Is Technology Getting Too Complicated For Security To Keep Up? 04/09/2012
Too Much Specialization Is Making Programming a Poorer Experience 04/02/2012
In 2012, a Website Demanding IE5 or Better is Beyond Embarrassing 03/29/2012
Was I the First Programmer to Use A Hierarchical Menu in A Commercial App? 03/27/2012
The Codist in the Cloud 03/26/2012
Safari 5.1.4 Update Seems to Have Broken Google 03/14/2012
Why I Don't Do Unpaid Overtime and Neither Should You 02/26/2012
Another Xcode Version, Another Example of Crappy Apple QA 02/18/2012
Seeing What Life In An App Store Top 10 Is Like 02/17/2012
Pay An Apple App Store Download Bot? Not Me 02/14/2012
Server Upgrade Test - Please Ignore 02/03/2012
Your Security Sucks 01/16/2012
How Much Work Space Is Necessary For a Programmer? 01/03/2012
Why Do So Many Large Websites Fail Basic HTML 101? 01/01/2012
Computer Furniture Sucks 12/19/2011
Article - Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments 12/16/2011
Rare Steve Jobs Video From 1980 - Gizmodo 12/13/2011
Why I Don't Think Twitter Has a Future 12/12/2011
Fixing a Nasty Physically Modeled Engine Bug in an FPS Game 12/12/2011
iOS, ARC, Storyboards and UIViewController Trace 12/06/2011
What Is the Best Technology to Write a Web App With Today? 12/06/2011
There Are No Absolutes in Programming 12/04/2011
Rumors of the Death Of Email Is Greatly Exaggerated 11/29/2011
Priceless Source Code (Well To Me Anyway) - Trapeze 11/27/2011
The Act of Programming Has Not Changed In Decades 11/26/2011
The Two Sides of the Interview Process Dance 11/22/2011
Thinking Of Releasing Source Of My Latest Game on iOS 11/16/2011
The SOPA Ropa Dopa 11/16/2011
Write a Job Ad Like You Really Want a Good Developer And Not a Murderer 11/15/2011
XCode 4.2 Debugger Fails To Symbolicate Stack Traces 11/14/2011
Testing Twitter Feed 11/14/2011
Offshoring and a Job No One Wants 11/11/2011
What is the Future of FPS Game Design? 11/10/2011
Response to "Are We Really Going to Accept an Interface of the Future That Is Less Expressive Than a Sandwich?" 11/09/2011
In the Real World Memorization is Overrated 11/08/2011
Donald Knuth Rocks 11/07/2011
10% Coding and 90% Thinking or Just Code It 10 Times 11/05/2011
In the Story of the Blind Men and the Elephant, I Guess I'm the One With The Trunk 11/04/2011
The iPad Revolution is Just Getting Started 11/03/2011
Apple to Require Sandboxing in Mac App Store Apps As of March 2012 11/02/2011
There is No Silver Bullet In Software Development 11/02/2011
Google Reader Redesign Makes No Sense 11/01/2011
Objects in the Job Description May Be Fuzzier Than They Appear 10/29/2011
Quality Should Be Job Zero, Not Zero Quality 10/27/2011
If You Interviewing Programmers Like This, You Are Doing It Wrong 10/25/2011
A Little Light Music 10/21/2011
The Cloud Will Fail In Your Neighborhood 10/18/2011
Don't Tell Me Someone Failed Web Programming 101 Again 10/18/2011
More Xcode Debugger Stupidities 10/09/2011
I've Owned Almost Everything Steve Jobs Created, Sadly No More 10/05/2011
Shakespeare, Unicorns and the End of Recruiters 09/25/2011
Finding A Bug in Google Search 09/24/2011
QA! QA? We don't need no stinking QA! 09/22/2011
Xcode 4.X still has a sucky debugger(s) 07/31/2011
I Dream of Dynamically Generated Cities 06/26/2011
Go Ye Out and Build a New Facebook 06/20/2011
What's My Motivation? 06/15/2011
The Application Updatability Curve 06/12/2011
The Stone Age to Wells Fargo Online Banking, We Want Our Technology Back 06/05/2011
I See the Future of the Games Industry and It's Procedurally Generated 05/07/2011
Is It Possible to Know Too Many Things? 05/04/2011
GLSL Shader Development - Make Your Own Tool, Fool 03/28/2011
Fighting the Good War - Against MMO Cheaters 03/17/2011
Becoming An MMO Game Programmer 03/13/2011
Blog Redesign 03/08/2011
Non Automated Blog Comment Spam Sucks 01/05/2011
If You Don't Want Your Data on Wikileaks Try Better Security 11/29/2010
Building an Automated Crossword Puzzle Generator 10/22/2010
HTML5 test 09/25/2010
Does It Make Any Sense Today to Use Java for Web Applications? 09/16/2010
N Things I Hope to Never See Again in IT (but Expect To) - Part I 09/13/2010
Superman Wanted 09/09/2010
Multi Threaded Problem With People As Computer 08/30/2010
WTF Is An Unknown Error? 08/23/2010
Apple and AT&T Have My iPhone in Limbo 08/23/2010
Come On, Hire a Professional 07/27/2010
OpenGL and OS X - Falling Behind 07/09/2010
I Am a Programmer 07/07/2010
OpenGL ES 2.0 Documentation 05/27/2010
PHP in Java: Quercus 04/12/2010
The Mind Of Apple Has Changed Before 04/11/2010
Who Knew Ordering an iPad Would Expose the Seedy Underbelly of Shipping Contracts 04/03/2010
I Think People Are Wrong About Apple's iPad 01/27/2010
Versions - Really Nice SVN Client For Mac 01/11/2010
Personal Note 12/09/2009
Using OpenCL In Snow Leopard For A New Application 09/04/2009
What Did Steve Do For Apple 08/24/2009
Why Not Agents For Programmers? 08/23/2009
Kissing the App Store Goodbye 08/01/2009
Bailout Bucks Finally Released 07/15/2009
Why Do You Love Programming? 07/12/2009
Why Is Your Computer System Down? 06/23/2009
Waiting For Bubba 05/24/2009
Programmers Like Being In Control - Until You Hit Cancer, When You Aren't 05/22/2009
My App Rejection #3, Now Apple Forbids Mentioning iPhone 3.0 In Help File 05/12/2009
The App Store Is a Classic Example Of A Broken Business Process 05/10/2009
The Future Of Programming Is 05/07/2009
My App Rejected By The App Store Because It Could Be Used To 'Ridicule Public Figures' 04/17/2009
What Do You Tell People You Are And What You Do 03/09/2009
Man That's A Lotta Ram 03/06/2009
How A Web Newspaper Should Be Built 02/27/2009
WTF IT Stories #6: The Unnecessary Elephant 02/24/2009
Joining the iPhone Application Train 02/23/2009
My Macintosh Experiences of 25 Years Ago 01/23/2009
The Joys Of Objective-C and Interface Builder 01/14/2009
The iPhone Is Not A Phone, It's A Platform 12/11/2008
The Tools I Use 12/01/2008
I Am A Better Programmer Than You 11/20/2008
OpenCL Coming Soon To A Supercomputer Near You 11/19/2008
Good Way To Keep Up With iPhone Apps 11/12/2008
Too Many Technologies; Not Enough Brains 11/10/2008
No Silver Bullet Reloaded - Summary From OOPSLA 2007 10/22/2008
More Thoughts On Resumes and a New Idea 10/17/2008
Resumes Are Mostly Useless 10/16/2008
Feedburner Broken? 10/16/2008
Agile, Post-Agile, Scrum, XP, Heavyweight, Waterfall, SDLC, Oh My! 10/14/2008
There Is Still No Silver Bullet In Programming 10/13/2008
My iPhone Game: Early Design Decisions 10/09/2008
Things In IT I Am So Tired Off 10/07/2008 - New Ajax Powered PHP Documentation Site (Written By Me) 10/06/2008
Turbo Productivity In Programming Is The Only Thing 10/05/2008
Blog Moved! 10/02/2008
SQLite and NFS Not Very Nice 09/17/2008
Please Help Test New Blog Code 09/05/2008
Whip IE6 Now 09/03/2008
Developing With Just-In-Time Information 08/21/2008
MAMP, Best Thing For PHP On OS X 08/18/2008
Rendering PHP Template To String 08/05/2008
HIPAA, Your Healthcare Privacy, And IT 08/05/2008
How Does Your Organization Handle Production Access? 08/03/2008
Professor Dewar Is A Very Smart Smart Smart ... Moron 07/28/2008
Using PHP. Yes, PHP! 07/27/2008
Apple RSS feed page, including top iPhone App feed 07/25/2008
Loading The Whole Internet In One Web Page 06/06/2008
A Tale Of Two Waterfalls 05/04/2008
Writing Multithreaded Code Is Like Juggling Chainsaws 02/04/2008
If Java Is A Dinosaur, Then I Must Be In The Triassic Era 01/07/2008
Ask Me How Much I Hate XCode and C 12/11/2007
Apple Is Now Worth More Than IBM! 10/21/2007
What Is Experience? (Or Why EJBs Are Like Lobsters) 10/15/2007
Interview Technique: A Topdown Approach 09/23/2007
Writing A Web Application Framework, One More Time, Again 09/17/2007
How Much Privacy Are You Willing To Give Up For A Job? 09/09/2007
A Web Framework In Scala 09/09/2007
Am I Too Old To Be A Programmer? 08/16/2007
Apple's Numbers Spreadsheet - Like My Trapeze Spreadsheet But 20 Years Later 08/06/2007
Looking For Work Is More Work Than Working 08/01/2007
Index Mining, A New Search Approach and Interface For Certain Document Collections 07/26/2007
Link: What Makes Google Tick 07/24/2007
The Open Source Frameworks I Use 07/22/2007
The Code Less Traveled: Thinking Different In A Uniform World 07/18/2007
Here's a Book I Might Even Buy: Programming Erlang 07/17/2007
It's Time For The Dinosaurs Of Development To Go Extinct 07/12/2007
What Tools I Use For Web Development 07/11/2007
CSS Selector Performance In MacOSX Browsers 07/10/2007
You've Built a Great Technology, Now What? (My Dilemma) 07/09/2007
Another Blog Software Update 07/02/2007
Ah The Joys Of Cool Technology 07/02/2007
HeapManager - My Old C Memory Allocator 07/01/2007
The Mythical Man-Month - 32 Years Old And Still Relevant 07/01/2007
Site Redesign 06/30/2007
Anatomy of a SPAM Blogger 06/26/2007
What the Heck Could You Do With 16 Exabytes? 06/25/2007
Open Source IS Innovative 06/21/2007
Software is Evolutionary and Revolutionary 06/18/2007
Ack! Bugz! 06/14/2007
Programmer Job Ads: It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's SuperCoderCoolMan! 06/13/2007
A Trip Down Memory Management Lane 06/11/2007
Scala: An Interesting Language 06/07/2007
OSX and Vista 06/05/2007
The Stupidity Of Interviews 06/03/2007
A Programmer Metaphor: The Farmer and the Cowboy 06/02/2007
WTF Stories #5 : The Weasely Recruiter 05/22/2007
RSS Change : Full Feeds 05/21/2007
Take This Career And Shove It 05/20/2007
Why Customer Needs and IT Requirements Don't Always Intersect 05/15/2007
A Sql Challenge: Find Available Appointment Times 05/13/2007
SQL Injections: How Not To Get Stuck 05/07/2007
Web Design Stinkyness #1 05/06/2007
Will Industry Ever Learn, Copy Protection Never Works 04/30/2007
Programmers Are from Mars, Project Managers Are Sometimes from Hell 04/29/2007
A Thank You From Robert Fulghum 04/25/2007
We Are All Open Source Billionaires 04/24/2007
Coprolitic Programming 04/22/2007
Building A Virtual Department Store 04/19/2007
So You Want To Become A Programmer? 04/16/2007
Domain Change Complete 04/12/2007
Domain Name Changing 04/10/2007
Kindergarten, The Digg Effect, Shared Hosting and Traffic Rankings 04/08/2007
All I Need To Know To Be A Better Programmer I Learned In Kindergarten 04/04/2007
New Mac Pro With 8 Cores 04/03/2007
Your Brain On Code:What Makes You Able To Program 04/02/2007
Links: Yahoo On Web/Ajax Peformance 04/01/2007
FBI Overreaches On McCain Prank 03/29/2007
TJX - Insecurity Through Stupidity [CARTOON] 03/28/2007
Building My Cheap, Scalable, High-Volume Query Site 03/27/2007
Amazon's Commerce API (Not For Me) 03/25/2007
My Own Successful Startup Story ... In 1984 03/25/2007
Warning Signs Your Web Application Project May Fail 03/24/2007
Impressive CMS I found 03/22/2007
What a Sad Web World We Live In 03/18/2007
Link: Good Article On Immutability and Thread Safety In Java 5 03/17/2007
Project Success, Project Failure, How Do You Tell the Difference? 03/17/2007
WTF Stories #4: Tales From the Dot Bomb Squad 03/15/2007
Building a Better Experience 03/13/2007
If Being A Programmer Were Like Being An Air Traffic Controller 03/12/2007
13 Ways to Avoid Building Web Applications That Suck 03/12/2007
How to Screw up Choosing a Vendor:First Form a Committee... 03/10/2007
Next Generation Java IOC 03/07/2007
WTF IT Stories #3: The 30 Minute Endless Loop 03/07/2007
Link: Good Thread On IT Recruiter Markups 03/06/2007
In Praise Of Simplicity In Our Programming Lives 03/06/2007
The Naked Ajax Application 03/04/2007
Not Quite Your Grandma's MVC Pattern 02/27/2007
Programming Great Programmers 02/26/2007
Good Programmers Do Like to Code; It's All the Other Crap They Don't Like 02/25/2007
WTF Stories #2: Here Little Virus, Virus 02/21/2007
The Codist Confronts a Burglar Breaking Down His Door 02/19/2007
Anatomy Of A Successful Project #1, Fuzzy Vehicle Search Engine 02/18/2007
10 Years Since Michael Dell Wanted Apple To Go Away 02/10/2007
WTF IT Stories #1: It's Not The Database, Stupid! 02/10/2007
Why I Would Want Steve Job's Job 02/07/2007
The Absolute Need To Understand 02/05/2007
A (Possible) Solution to Finding Good Programmers or a Good Job 01/31/2007
A Very Cool Language: Clean 01/30/2007
The Evolution Of A Programmer 01/25/2007
A Programming Language List 01/24/2007
The Joy Of Programming 01/21/2007
If I Had A VC's Ear, What Would I Pitch? 01/19/2007
Matching Smart Programmers With Great Jobs: There Has To Be A Better Way 01/16/2007
Having a Broad Resume Is Bad News for Finding a Contract Position 01/14/2007
Steve Jobs Doesn't Put up Crap and Neither Should You 01/10/2007
The Real Revolution in the iPhone Is the Fully Programmable User Interface 01/09/2007
Now I Understand Why Apple Built the Dashcode IDE for Widgets: the iPhone 01/08/2007
Behind the Curtain: the Smell You Smell May Be Your Company Software 01/06/2007
More Thoughts On Finding Good Programmer Employees 01/03/2007
So What Is A Good Programmer Employee Anyway? 01/02/2007
Programming Today Is Too Hard: Shouldn't It Be Getting Easier? 12/16/2006
The SDLC Software Development Process: A Waterfall Pig With Lipstick 12/15/2006
The Future Of Computing Is Dynamic Interpreted Languages Running On A VM, Part 1 12/13/2006
Popularity Poll Of Web Page Technologies 12/12/2006
Followup To: I Will Never Understand the Appeal Of PHP 12/11/2006
I Will Never Understand the Appeal Of PHP 12/09/2006
The Mighty CTO (Link) 12/06/2006
Followup To The Big Bang Disaster: Microsoft Vista 12/04/2006
Info 12/02/2006
New blog software 12/02/2006
Signed up at java.blogs, yet again 12/02/2006
Leaving my job 12/02/2006
H2 database rocks 12/02/2006
Building an Ajax blog system 12/02/2006
JIHAD, not as catchy as LAMP but my tools of choice 12/02/2006
Textmate, the best OSX text editor 12/02/2006
The Freedom To Innovate; The Freedom To Be Stupid 12/02/2006
Building a Web Framework My Way 12/02/2006
Building a Web Framework My Way - #2 12/02/2006
Building a Web Framework My Way - A new direction 12/02/2006
Building a Web Framework My Way - building a parser 12/02/2006
Building a Web Framework My Way - AFL 12/02/2006
Fiche Framework Version 0.1 in Use 12/02/2006
Bio 12/02/2006
Multi Threading in Half-Life 2 12/02/2006
Software Project Disaster Types: #1 The Train Wreck 12/02/2006
Software Project Disaster Types: #2 The Death March 12/02/2006
Write Your Own Database, Again: An Interview With The Author Of H2, Thomas Mueller 12/02/2006
60 Percent of Codist Readers Use Firefox 12/02/2006
Survived the Front Page of Reddit 12/02/2006
Software Project Disaster Types: #3 Sisyphus and #4 Ten-Foot-Pole 12/02/2006
Software Project Disaster Types: #5 The Kitchen Sinkhole 12/02/2006
Software Project Disaster Types: #6 The Big Bang 12/02/2006
The Fiche Framework - Part II 12/02/2006
The Fiche Framework, Part 1 12/02/2006
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay: An Interview With Jetty's Greg Wilkins 12/02/2006