Swift Is Not Easy To Learn

Jul 4, 2015

I don't understand why people seem to think that Swift is an easy language to learn. It isn't. Right now.

It's not the language so much. It's every version of Xcode has yet another new version of Swift which makes major changes. This means every time you look up how to do something on the web you get bad advice. It was good at the time but every couple of months most of the advice became obsolete. So the web fills up with things that don't work anymore which is terribly frustrating.

I saw one Stackoverflow post that was many lines of crossed out suggestions.

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How I’ve Avoided Burnout During More Than 3 Decades As A Programmer

Jul 1, 2015

After reading a couple of posts about programmer burnout today I started to think about how I’ve kept interested even after working in such a long career (since 1981). Why do I still care to write code?

Of course I covered some of this in my popular post Yes I Still Want To Be Doing This at 56 almost three years ago. But that was regarding the programming side of being a programmer, this is about about how I can still stand to work as a programmer, which isn't just about writing code. What is it with jobs that take you from being excited to opening your text editor or IDE in the morning to dreading even dragging your butt to the office?

Thinking back to the jobs I've loved and the jobs I hated and those that were livable, what were the differences? What have I done to make it this far?

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Blog Engine Change

Jun 29, 2015

I finally rewrote the blog engine behind this blog in a more modern PHP.

Ghost turned out to be more work than I thought to build a template with the features I wanted. It was easier to just rebuild it in PHP.

This design is mobile friendly. Please let me know if you see or experience any strange behaviors on either desktop or mobile.

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Help Help A Monster Has Eaten My Entities!

Jun 26, 2015

A tale from the what a maroon department.

In writing the last bit of a new PHP version of this blog (I decided to just redo it with a more modern PHP), I wanted to make sure the editor would properly handle html entities, something the current one isn't all that good at.

Now I set up a VM with Vagrant with the matching versions of things on my DigitalOcean droplet to develop on, and I am using PHPStorm but I don't have a debugger installed. I figured I could dump stuff to the browser, old school. This worked great until I started to test html entities.

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Might Be Something To The ISP Slowdown

Jun 24, 2015

I took the Internet Health Test and it found my download speed was a whopping 2mb on their test, which measures speed outside of the ISP network.

My ISP here is Time Warner Cable and I pay $60 a month for "up to" 20mb. A couple months ago I tried various speed tests and the fastest was Time Warner's which showed 16mb, though others made it as 12mb. Today I tried their test again and it showed 7.5mb.

Oddly enough they promise 2mb up and that's still what I get, only the download speed is half.

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